RRF 3.0

Reprap Firmware 3.0

From Insanity Automation

Installation for RRF 3.0 by Insanity Automation

Key features:

Updated to RRF3.0

Resolved Power Loss Recovery issue

Disabled Firmware Retract

Macros added for speed adjustment of controller fan

Disable extruder stepper on pause

Known Issues:

M42 commands in the starting / ending script MUST be modified or the LED won’t change colors. M42 P24/25/26 must become M42P1/2/3

PanelDue must be set to 57600 in the configuration page. Other baud rates are not supported.

Duet Web Control bug with the dark theme causes message text to remain black so they are not visible.


  • In the web interface, browse to SYSTEM and select upload files.

  • First upload DuetWebControl-SD-2.1.6.zip and ensure the latest DWC version is running.

  • Under the SYS directory, upload the following bin files, one at a time, in order. Select to install and restart when prompted.

    • DuetWiFiServer-1.23.bin

    • Duet2CombinedIAP.bin

    • Duet2CombinedFirmware_3.0.0.bin

  • Once this is done, upload all .g files and allow the restart when prompted.

  • If you have a 400mm machine, go to the folder for the 400mm and upload those .g files as well, overwriting the ones done in the prior step.

VALIDATE Z Offset! While in my testing as well as Chris's at Tiny Machines the z offset remained consistent, one of our testers reported that his needed adjustment as it was too low after flashing. Home the machine and slowly jog Z to 0 and adjust if necessary.