Unboxing and Setup

You just got your Vivedino Troodon.

Grab a friend to help with the heavy lifting and lets get it set up!

Open the carton cover

Remove the top foam

Remove the top PC cover

Lift printer from carton with help from a friend

Open front door and take out the accessories box

Remove inside foam

Cut the four white zip ties holding gantry

Remove the 4 metal rings

Open accessories box and remove air filter

Install air filter on the back of the printer using these mounting holes

It will look like this when complete

Locate the 3 cables in the upper back right corner

Pass the cables through the slot to the rear of the printer

The cables shown from behind the printer

Install extruder on the back of the printer

Remove locking clip on extruder fitting and install PTFE tube into extruder all the way, then replace clip

Feed the PTFE tube through hole in the exhaust fan cover

Connect 6 pin terminal to the extruder

Connect 3 pin terminal to the filament runout sensor

Connect 2 pin terminal to the air filter exhaust fan

Install filament spool holder on back of the printer

Replace PC panel on top of the printer

Install handles on top of the printer

Install Wifi antenna on front of the printer

Peel the protective film from the PEI sheet


You are done with the unboxing and hardware setup on your new printer.

Check out the Printing Setup guide for help starting your first print.